Watch The Podfather – Season 1

When we were producing our flagship program and sister show Corn Warriors, we received numerous requests for a show following farmers growing soybeans instead of corn. We’ve now put together that show: a reality / documentary series tracking some of the most qualified farmers in the world as they compete against each other, and sometimes work together, to grow enormous yields of soybeans

Tune in as we explore how they grow record breaking yields and maintain ROI (Return On Investment). These farmers are pushing all the envelopes and working outside the box to make it happen… because nobody wants to end up in a box. The fight for the top spot in a competitive marketplace could put any one of these wise guys in the driver seat.

The lineup:

Cory Atley - OH

Perry Galloway, Temple Rhodes, Matt Miles, Cory Atley, and Chris Weaver


We are excited to bring you this new television series. We will need all your social media love and support as we grow the audience for this new program. Thank you for your assistance as we do.

If you think you have what it takes to be on The Podfather, submit your information and a link to a submission video to us:
~The Producer