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Chris Weaver

Chris is a sixth generation farmer and agronomist from Maryland. He is an AGR Alumni and a leader in his field. Chris consults and works with the MACC school founded […]

Soy Bean Background

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Temple Rhodes

Temple Rhodes is an avid outdoors-man, and is serious about the responsibility of taking care of the soil and water resources that enhance his life as well as the lives […]

Cory Atley - OH

Cory Atley

Practicing non-irrigated farming on vast acreage, he is uniquely driven to treat every acre like it’s the last. He is consistently achieving higher yields across every acre. His programs teach […]


Perry Galloway

We’re about as close to being fully irrigated as you can get – probably 95 percent. Irrigation is a necessity because of the lighter soils. We’ve got around 30 center […]

Matt Miles

Winning the award of “Arkansas’ First farmer to make 100 bushels of soybeans per acre” in 2013 launched Matt into the national spotlight.  He meets with top farmers from around the country […]