Grant Smith

Located in Keyser, WV Grant Smith farms ____ acres of ground in a very unique environment. The mountains of West Virginia provide a beautiful surrounding but can be quite a limiting factor if you need sun to grow your crops. Grant farms corn and soybeans in both irrigated and non-irrigated management practices. Using his Soil Warrior this year, Grant put up a great number for his first year in The Podfather TV series of _______. Grant ownes Gerstell Farms and and participates in the operations at Sinclair Cattle Company. Grant and his Agronomist Chad Stanczyk have been competing in the NCGA contest and winner for the last couple years. They achieved a West Virginia state win of 296.59 bushel per acre in 2020 and 309.2444 in 2021. Grant Smith brings a unique touch to The Podfather series as he was recruited by Temple Rhodes as a mentee (bean baby) in order to help increase his bean production. Tune in to see Grant live the life of a West Virginia farmer and all the challenges that come along with it.